What We Do

We create the fusion between product placement and story. We develop a 3-5 episode web series which brings a brand to life by creating an emotional connection to the company and its product. We bring the entertainment and lifestyle of the product to the customer, and in doing so, creating brand loyalty, through this branded identity.

Who We Are

We Are Millennials.
We know the cutting edge, because we live it.

We exist to shape the forefront of branded entertainment with fresh and creative content, and strive for a high level of quality in all that we produce. We believe that story empowers innovation.


What is Branded Entertainment?

Branded Entertainment is the fusion between story and product placement. This fusion enhances brand loyalty through brand identity. One of the most effective ways to accomplish this is to deliver a web series centered around your brand to build an emotional link for your customers.

But why a web series? How does that reach a young millennial audience?

The most effective way to connect millennials with a product is through story, and the most comprehensive method in capturing this story is through a web series. This gives us, the millennial, an opportunity to develop an emotional connection with the brand and implement it into our lifestyle.

According to Ynon Kreiz, chairman of Maker Studios, 50% of millennials watch more videos online than all previous generations. This makes sense, everyone here on the Lexicon Team uses the internet and none of us have cable TV. Many of us would rather watch Netflix than go to the movies – and that’s because story sells. We want to fuse story with your brand.

Why market to millennials, what makes them so important?

According to Javelin Strategy and Research, Millennials hold the spending power of $2.45 trillion dollars and that number is steadily increasing. By 2018 that number will increase to $3.39 trillion dollars. Since the internet is part of their everyday life, every episode will keep them engaged and the heavy task of advertising will be accomplished through the use of sharing.

Gabriel Geagea

Gabriel Geagea

Managing Director